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Chassis rail repair panel - Mk2/2.5

Front chassis rail repair panel for the Mk2 and Mk2.5 models. Badly rusting front chassis sections is a very common issue on Mk2 and Mk2.5 models and as well as being an MOT failure, will seriously undermine the structural integrity of your car. The reason why this occurs is because Mazda created a double-skinned section around the anti-roll bar brackets, made from thinner steel than the old Mk1 models, in order to create a "crumple zone" and therefore comply with the European and North American NCAP safety rules. The problem is, this double skin creates the perfect water trap to aid rust acceleration!

Our repair panels are single skinned (like the older Mk1 chassis rails), but made from much thicker (2mm) steel and laser cut for precision. All the captive nuts are included.

We have fitted dozens of these chassis rails in our workshop. If you would like further details and a welding quote please Click here for details

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