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Front Chassis rail repairs

The corrosion on the front chassis rail is a very common problem, especially with the Mk2 and Mk2.5 models.

The corroded section can be cut out and replaced with a new chassis section, which will retain the original strength and structural integrity.

The typical cost of this repair is around £ 395 + VAT* for one side or £ 650 + VAT* for both. It entails partial dismantling of the front suspension/sub-frame, removing the front bumper, radiator, power steering pump reservoir and pipes, air-box and other associated brackets, etc. We then remove the corroded section of chassis (using a plasma-cutter and/or angle grinder), fit a new pre-fabricated chassis section (fully seam welded for strength) , check chassis alignment, re-assemble and carry out full corrosion protection (Waxoyl injection).

The work usually takes around 2 days to complete.

* If your car has air-conditioning the cost may be slightly higher as we have to remove some A/C pipes on the LH side to access the chassis & re-gas the system once re-assembled.

If you would like to book your car in, please contact the workshop on tel: 01709 863555 or email: info@mx5city.com

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