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Full stainless exhaust Mk2 & Mk2.5

Full performance stainless steel exhaust system, for Mk2 or Mk2.5 models 1.8 engine (1998 to 2005). This is a fully comprehensive system which comprises: Performance 4-branch manifold, high-flow sports cat, centre section and rear silencer. Includes all fixings, brackets and gaskets required, take off points for EGR valve, front and rear oxygen sensors, etc. The 200 cpi high flow cat, combined with the 4-branch manifold and big-bore 60mm diameter pipe will significantly improve the gas flow and therefore overall performance. Complies with European 103R type-approval and UK MOT test emissions regulations.

A massive saving of over £100 compared with buying the parts individually!

Price: £666.63 exc. VAT
VAT: £133.33
Total £799.95 inc. VAT

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