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Waxoyl Treatment

Protect your beloved MX-5 from the rigours of the British weather!

MX-5s, just the same as any other car, are vulnerable to rust of course, especially from our salt-laden British roads and inclimate winters. The tried and tested 'Waxoyl' corrosion protection treatment will help to significantly reduce future expensive rust problems.

The 'Waxoyl' treatment involves firstly cleaning the underside of the car, removing all loose rust, mud, etc. We remove the plastic wheel-arch linings, various interior trims, rubber and plastic grommets/bungs, etc. in order to gain proper access to the internal areas. The 'Waxoyl' is then carefully heated to ensure a smooth flow into all the corners, and applied to the entire underside, including the inner wings, sills, floor-pan, suspension components, sub-frames, etc. All box-sections and cavities, front chassis rails, etc. are also injected. Correct application is essential to ensure total coverage. A special 360 degree probe is used for internal areas and coverage is checked using a miniature CCTV camera (endoscope). Finally the car is re-assembled and thoroughly washed to remove any wax residue from the exterior paintwork.

The work takes approximately 5 hours to complete.

Having personally used 'Waxoyl' products for over 35 years, I can testify to its effectiveness. If you are planning to keep your MX-5 long term, then 'Waxoyl' protection is an excellent investment.

Price includes all materials and labour

Please contact us on 01709 863555 to book your treatment today.


Price: £291.67 exc. VAT
VAT: £58.33
Total £350.00 inc. VAT

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